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What is Transformational Breath® ?

The breath work method we are using at ALUNA is a specific body-mind therapy that uses connected breathing in an intentional way. By breathing in a connected, no pause between inhalation and exhalation, breath work has the capacity to affect not only the physical aspects of our bodies but also the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as well.

How can breath work change my life?

Improvement of life quality through the power of breath, old traumas, limiting beliefs and subconsciously held patterns of energy suppressed are gradually released. 

This enables you to not only let go of what you have been holding on to but also transform and integrate the habitual thinking and behavioral manifestations of these suppressions as well.

​This type of breathing, is extremely beneficial for people that suffer from anxiety and/or depression!

​Over time, as you learn to accept an open, healthy breath into your body you find you are able to live your life more fully and enter into a state of peace and inner balance. You feel a closer connection to your purpose and inner power. On a physical level you will feel more alive because of an increased oxygen level and an improvement of blood flow.

What are the benefits of Transformational Breath® work?

Breath work strengthens your body and mind.

Breath work deepens your relationship with yourself.

Breath work reduces anxiety and stress.

Breath work boosts your creativity.

Peace with the Breath

 Peace with the Mind

Peace with the Soul

How does this type of breath work differ from other healing modalities?

An important difference to other therapies is that his breath work doesn't focus on the root cause of a negative emotion but directs all its energy towards the transformation and healing, to regain a healthier and more joyful state of being. 

How can you experience breath work with us?


You can experience this transformational breathing with us by signing up for a individual sessiona group session or by joining one of our retreats. We always use Breath Work as a main building block for healing during our retreats. 

How do you prepare for a breath work session?

We suggest that you prepare by wearing loose and comfortable clothing. It is preferable to only eat lightly or not at all before the session. Everything else is provided for. It is always recommended for you to bring an open mind and begin to formulate a positive intention for the session.

What is the benefit of a group breath work shop?

The group setting allows to amplify your healing. Its energy facilitates deep transformational change and healing. Your own healing translates into the collective and has a ripple effect. 

When does the next breath work shop or retreat  take place?

We offer breath work shops on a regular basis in Santa Cruz, CA and surrounding area. Please take a look at our Breath Work Workshop &  Breath Work Retreats page.

If the dates do not fit into your schedule please contact us and we can see if we can make a workshop happen for you. We do need at least 4 participants to call it a workshop.

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