Intensive Breath Work Weekend

non-residential retreat

in a beautiful private residence in the hills of Soquel, CA

November 2 + 3

Join us for this intensive healing weekend retreat where we combine the power of Transformational Breath® with deep Myofascial Release bodywork, an ideal blending of modalities to assist you in moving forward in your life

more freely and openly.

Transformational Breath® is a self-healing body-mind therapy that uses connected breathing in an intentional way. Through the power of your breath, old traumas, limiting beliefs, and subconsciously held patterns of energy suppressed are gradually released. You are able to not only let go of what you have been holding onto but will also transform and integrate the habitual thinking and behavioral manifestations of these suppressions as well. This amazing healing tool strengthens your body and mind, deepens your relationship with yourself, reduces anxiety and stress, and boosts your creativity.

Myofascial Release bodywork is a gentle yet deep hands-on treatment used to release fascial tension and holding, stress and past traumas from the connective tissue in the body. Transformational Breath® work will show you where these restrictions reside within you and the myofascial treatment will release these during your healing journey.

You will participate in four Transformational Breath® work sessions, the last session includes a Sacred Cacao Ceremony, myofascial release body sessions, delicious vegan lunches with a maximum of 8 people in our circle. The retreat location where we will be gathering together is a beautiful private home in the Redwood forest up the hill in Soquel, adjacent to the 'Land of the Medicine Buddha'. The house, garden, and surrounding areas of the home are lovingly designed and are magically ideal for this

transformative experience!


This retreat is a powerful time of healing, release, integration and self-empowerment. Guided by three experienced facilitators you will be held in sacred space throughout the weekend. Open up to being fully present and receptive to conscious nurturing and connect to deep joy and self-love! You will be amazed at your discoveries and the power of these intentional and deeply transformative experiences to create meaningful and

lasting shifts in your life!

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Retreat price

$ 555.-pp

This weekend retreat includes:

* Four Breath Work sessions
* Myofascial Release bodywork session for every participant

* Guided Meditation
* Sacred Cacao ceremony
* Sharing circles for integration
* Delicious vegan lunches 

* Max. 8 people in the circle

* Non-residential

This retreat is facilitated by:

Alexandra & Attila Aluna, ALUNA, Santa Cruz, CA

Christina Gustafson, Enlighten Aptos