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The Initiation Path Retreat



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The Initiation Path Retreat

lays a new foundation to your spiritual path, wherever you find yourself in this moment.

During this retreat you will receive the building blocks to either take your personal journey to a deeper level or to pave your way towards becoming a facilitator yourself. 

This week long journey is designed for you to understand how to hold space for yourself.

You will learn what it means to feel safe from within and how a lack of inner, emotional safety are connected to childhood experiences. You will build a conscious  felt sense of your inner child and the limitting beliefs that you developed during childhood. Understanding the limitting beliefs that you hold about yourself and the world will disempower this false belief system. 

4 days of breath work, self inquiry, inner child work, movement, yoga and meditation will prepare you for 2 powerful plant medicine ceremonies which will take everything you have learned so far to a different level.

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