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Two Dried Leaves


ENTHEOGENESIS® is ALUNA's legal entity.

It is a spiritual corporation/church and is not organized for the private gain of any one person. It is organized under the Nonprofit Religious Corporation Law exclusively for spiritual purposes.


The specific mission of this corporation/church is to provide a deep inner healing of its members by raising their consciousness on the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical planes.  ENTHEOGENESIS® helps its participants shed veiled learned patterns, unresolved triggers, and self-limiting beliefs that block the purest version of the higher self.  By manifesting their inner truth, and raising their level of vibration, our members facilitate a path of achieving bliss, unconditional love, and happiness. ENTHEOGENESIS® draws upon the wisdom and love of the ancestors and the healing power of plant medicines. ENTHEOGENESIS® seeks to provide a loving, safe ceremony space for sacred medicine sacraments for both groups and individuals.


WE BELIEVE that natural ENTHEOGENS were manifested through the Divine Creator in order for all humans, regardless of religion, race, sex, or gender, to facilitate community with the Divine Creator.


WE BELIEVE through the ceremonial and sacred use of natural ENTHEOGENS our participants are able to access their divinity from within.


WE BELIEVE that many of our experiences has shown us that the sacramental use of natural ENTHEOGENS within an appropriate spiritual context, far from being a dissociative experience for the mind and detrimental to the health of the individual or of society, is, on the contrary, an activity beneficial for the expansion of consciousness, and in turn, positive for the purposes of the spiritual quest that we aim for.


WE BELIEVE our love and connection to all things is enhanced and better understood through the sacramental consumption of natural ENTHEOGENS. More specifically, sacramental consumption of natural ENTHEOGENS often evoke mystical experiences, which takes us to higher spiritual realms/dimensions where we interact with the Divine Creator and other spiritual entities.  This higher spiritual realm can become more accessible for humans through the sacramental use of natural ENTHEOGENS.


WE BELIEVE that through mystical experiences, we seek and receive answers and guidance to specific and ultimate life questions.  Additionally, we believe that mystical experiences, induced by the sacramental consumption of natural ENTHEOGENS, unite us through love, understanding, and greater connectivity to other beings in the universe.


WE BELIEVE the overarching message we receive from the Divine Creator, through the sacramental consumption of natural ENTHEOGENS, is that unconditional love is one of the most  powerful forces in the universe.


WE BELIEVE that the sacramental use of natural ENTHEOGENS teach us and empower us to become more in tune and/or more related to mother nature.  More specifically, we believe that the sacramental use of natural ENTHEOGENS restores us to a more symbiotic relationship with nature.  As such, we believe that, to the best of our ability and as practicable, are best to evoke the change our behaviors in such a way as to respect and preserve mother nature and encourage others to do the same when feasible.


WE BELIEVE and we are aware that the sacramental use of natural ENTHEOGENS is a very ancient practice, perhaps dating back to more than 100,000 years ago. In regards to AYAHUSCA, Huachuma and PSYLOCIBIN, ancient practices and ceremonies date back to over 2,000 years ago.  To the best of our ability, we adopt and implement these ancient and sacred practices and ceremonies to be consistent and honor the ancestors.


WE BELIEVE that at death, all beings return to the same spiritual realm accessed through the sacramental use of natural ENTHEOGENS.


WE BELIEVE that by engaging in the sacramental use of natural ENTHEOGENS and entering higher levels of consciousness and higher the spiritual realm, we become comfortable in the spiritual realm, thereby allowing us to possibly evoke to overcome our fear of death.  By overcoming layers of fear and/or anxiety relating to death, we are better able to focus on our efforts on loving other beings and making the universe a better place for all living beings. 


WE BELIEVE that, at all times, our members have a moral and ethical obligation to approach every life situations from a place of peace, love, and understanding in a manner consistent with the general and individual messages innately present within the Divine Creation and the spiritual realm.


WE BELIEVE that other religious texts and teachings, insofar as they are consistent with the the Divine Creator and the spiritual realm, provide guidance for how we should live our lives and in how we should love and be tolerant of other beings.


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