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MDMA Couple's Retreat

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Great, loving, and once-thriving relationships get stuck sometimes. It’s nothing to be ashamed about. In fact, it’s normal and healthy to experience conflict. The relationships in your life start with the relationship with yourself.  This experience will support to unstuck and change underlying patterns, traumas and childhood fears to rebuild trust and reconnect in a safe and loving way with yourself and your beloved.


Instead of focusing on fighting less, this intimate experience focuses on honest sharing in communicating to learn active listening by hearing what your partner has to say and giving them space to speak from the heart rather than from the mind. In the heat of the moment when triggers arise it can feel challenging to act objectively. Learning to start a dialogue to communicate thoughts and feelings healthily is an invaluable foundation for a healthier relationship.

Awareness of problem behaviors can include identifying recurring patterns in your arguments. You may want to look at both sides of the argument.

How will this retreat benefit me and us?

  • Reenforcement of your individual and partnership strengths

  • Clarity about what is “mine, yours, and ours”

  • Deeper mutual understanding and compassion that allows you to see each other with new eyes

  • Making sense out of negative patterns and transforming them into strengths

  • Increased permission and ability to have difficult conversations in an atmosphere of safety and compassion

  • Assess your values, thoughts, beliefs and love languages. 

  • Increased aliveness

  • Developing new interactive patterns that foster connection and mutual love

  • Reclaiming parts of yourself that you may have “disowned” to stay in the relationship

  • learning how to establish sacred space for intimate sharing/emotional exchange

  • More intimacy in and out of the bedroom

  • sacred ceremony with MDMA to connect heart to heart and identify difficult moments in the relationship to establish new agreements

  • Integrative process with clear agreements and steps how to move forward beyond retreat

  • One follow up zoom call 3 weeks after retreat to assist with integration

  • And much more!


This retreat is for you if you experience….

  • Conflict that appears to come “out of the blue”

  • Feelings of stuckness or hopelessness

  • Fallout from a betrayal

  • Lack of aliveness in your relationship

  • Conflicts regarding money, sex or extended family

  • Inability to discuss what matters to you or bothers you the most

  • Fear that you might not “make it” together

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