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the lion hearted

ALUNA Lion Hearted

Ayahuasca Retreat for Men 

For men to experience brotherhood

March 15-17

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We are entering a time of a rebirth of masculinity, creating a spiritual, emotional and physical blossoming of men.

This will bring our world the gift of true freedom. True freedom is emotional freedom within the body, within relationships, here on this Earth with two feet on the ground. Emotional freedom is being able to recognize, feel, and express emotions as they arise, without shame. It is the essential ingredient to self-knowledge.

The return of the feminine calls men to fully step into their courageous hearts and become guardians of the feminine principle. To become grail knights for their own inner feminine divine.

As the true feminine takes her rightful place in union with the true masculine, an incredible power is born. 

At the Lion Hearted retreat we are passionate about initiating men into a space of healing through intentional ceremony and gathering through brotherhood.

No matter what you are currently going through: uncertainty, thought patterns, identity crisis, addictions, loneliness, disconnection, lack of purpose, this process will help you rise beyond your current circumstances.

This retreat is about the awakening of the masculine to his full presence, purpose, courage, passion and authenticity by opening the feminine within to  vulnerability, surrender and receptivity.




  • Experiencing your full masculine presence without any distractions or limitations

  • Practicing to focus on things that really matter to you 

  • Realigning your energies from mind, heart and gut

  • Liberating from old patterns and believe systems

  • Speaking and listening from an open heart full of compassion and empathy

  • Speaking your truth based on your integrity 

  • Going into your subconscious and into your soul 

  • Getting in touch with your inner child and reconnect with your innocence 

  • Cleansing on all levels of your being: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels 

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