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Huachuma Retreat


Healing with San Pedro  

Sacred Cactus from the Andes


Communing with the Grandfather's energiy will open you up to reconnect your creative center with your heart. In this deeply transformational journey you will receive deep healing though radical introspection.

Through the guidance of the grandfather plant you will see the origin of your own shadows without judgments or interpretations from others.

Embark on this journey connecting with your higher consciousness to create and invent new ways to live life by reconditioning your imprinted patterns and elicit fresh perspectives on reality to a wider but very real world that had been there all along!

Through a feeling of deep empathy and compassion for yourself and the world around you, you will enter into  a deep state of wonder and awe.


Strengthen your interpersonal bonds and relations though this empathic experience and a sense of universal understanding by connecting with the Grandfather medicine. You will feel a newfound emotional fluency and your ability to express emotions. You will discover a deep sense of unity,

unity with yourself, with other people and nature.