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Healing Retreat for Cancer Survivorship

retreat for women

What is the rite of the womb transmission?

What are the benefits of a rite of the womb retreat?

What is sisterhood and circle of sisters?

What is sacred cacao?

What is deep self inquiry?

What happens when women are healed?

What happens when the sacred feminine divine is healed?

What is freedom?

What is Transformational Breath®?

What is Breath work?

What is Rapé?

What is retreat for women?

dates TBA


Max. 6 participants ~

Early Bird $555.- pp 

Regular price $600.- pp

Cancellation Policy: 50% available refund before June 15th

No refund available after July 1st 


* daily Transformational Breath® work sessions 

* twice daily yoga sessions

* daily guided meditation

* twice daily integration circles

* daily delicious organic vegan lunch & snacks 

* non-residential


The very special retreat is held in a beautiful private residence in the mountains of Soquel.

ARRIVAL: Saturday at 9 am

DEPARTURE: SUNDAY, late afternoon

Come and join us for a time of deep exploration entering the circle of sisters.  

In a safe and sacred space every woman will be able to fully open up, let go and explore her subconscious.


Whether you’re newly diagnosed, receiving treatment, or in remission, we invite you to join us in a deeply healing retreat experience.

This two day non-residential retreat in the beautiful Soquel mountains blends the intentional practices of Yoga, Meditation, and Transformational Breath®  which are empirically proven to reduce anxiety and alleviate symptoms caused by cancer treatments.

Twice a day we will practice an evidence informed yoga method that blends active and passive practice and empowers students to take agency in their healing journey by learning helpful skills and techniques to improve some of the most common treatment symptoms.  This yoga practice is partnered with Transformational Breath® which is a breathing exercise used to access deep layers of grief, sadness, anger, frustration, fear, trauma and limiting beliefs and transform and integrate those into feelings of clarity, groundedness, wholeness, love, trust,

peace and empowerment.

Yoga and Transformational Breath® allow the participant to come to a deeper understanding and an authentic connection to self where compassion and self love can flow more easily. Through this deeper connection participants will deepen their understanding of the emotional and physical relationship they hold with cancer and can find powerful resolution.

Participants will leave this retreat feeling refreshed, empowered, and supported but

an understanding community.  


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Why Yoga and Breathwork:


  • Lack of oxygen is a primary factor in the development of anaerobic disease, meaning cancer cells thrive in a low oxygen environment. Transformational Breath® creates a high oxygen environment that fights cancer cells.


  • Transformational Breath® and Yoga assists in detoxifying the body of previous chemotherapy sessions.  


  • The Thoracic Duct is key to immune system health. It is the primary lymph node responsible for eliminating cellular waste and unwanted microbes from the body and it shares muscle fibers with the diaphragm. Diaphragmatic breathing improves the function of the thoracic duct and overall productivity of the lymphatic system, thus boosting the immune system. 


  • Increased respiratory and cardiovascular activity is proven to increase responsiveness of T-cells in cancer survivors to defend against recurrence 


  • Respiratory activity lowers the secretion of stress hormone and lowers blood pressure


  • Resistance exercises and balancing postures in yoga increase production of osteoblats to increase bone density and combat bone thinning due to chemotherapy 


  • Patterned movement like “vinyasa”  increases circulation to extremities to reduce neuropathy 


  • Muscle and cardiovascular strengthening helps with weight management


  • Gentle movements and specific yoga postures help alleviate constipation 


  • Meditation is proven to reduce anxiety and increase clarity when experiencing “chemo brain”


  • Respiratory and muscular activity increase venous return for the cardiovascular system and thus stimulates lymphatic drainage which reduces lymphedema 

  • Gentle, patterned movements are proven to minimize scar tissue and increase range of motion in areas affected by radiation and surgery



When women come together in circle to share, heal, and transform

magic happens.

As women are healed, all things will come back into balance.


Alexandra Aluna

Elena Kelly

Elena believes that cultivating a joyful existence comes from a compassionate connection to the self. Her yoga lessons offer this connection, through a dynamic relationship of challenge and nurturance to the body, while holding a mirror to our life’s tendencies and patterns. With a 500-hr Yoga Alliance certification and a background in Vinyasa, Restorative, and Therapeutic Yoga, as well as specialized Yoga For Cancer training, Elena's classes are rhythmic, they balance gentle strengthening and passive release, and encourage the practitioner to turn awareness inward to strengthen bodymind connection and sense of self. Through an advanced knowledge of functional anatomy and yoga alignment principles, Elena offers creative yet safe asana sequencing with deliberate guidance and fluid communication. With over 8 years of teaching experience in public, corporate, and private environments, adaptive instruction to fit an individuals needs is fundamental to her teaching style and mirrors her belief in cultivating self awareness and compassion on the yoga mat and in everyday life.

To learn more about Elena please visit:

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