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About Lily:


I have always known that my purpose in life was to facilitate change, healing and growth in the world around me. I went down many paths that I thought may be “The Way”. The greatest catalyst for transformation that I have discovered in my life thus far has been the amazing, radical powers of Plant Medicine. A true gift from Mother Earth, these medicines show us how to heal, not only ourselves but the Planet. When we strip away the confines of Ego identification, do we really need more material possessions? More status? More excess? When we realize that we are whole we are allowed to settle into our authenticity and embody that which wants to come through us. This has been my journey. Plant medicine has been alive in my life since I was very young, picking wild Psilocybin mushrooms from the cow pastures on the island of Kauai while being raised primarily off grid deep in the mountains of Santa Cruz by Spiritual seekers. I was sheltered from mainstream media and fear based thinking while I rode my horse into the thousands of acres of Redwood forest behind my family home. And then I entered Public High School. I saw the pain of society finally, and felt the separateness of people around me hiding behind the inadequacies they believe they have. When used with the intention of healing in a facilitated setting the results of plant medicine ingestion and journey are exponentially more profound and powerful than that of any recreational one. I found The Aluna Healing Center when I knew that a series of traumatic events from the past had left me with PTSD that was holding me back from being emotionally and spiritually free. This decision has changed the course of my life. I fell in love with Alexandra, Attila and Daniela, my mentors and guides and knew that this student was ready and my teachers had appeared. I am dedicated to the healing of humanity, to the freeing us of our programming that keeps us caged in unfulfilling lives and the coming together of all people to heal our Mother Earth. It is my honor to witness and facilitate the unleashing of your deep inner wisdom coming forth, and I am grateful for what every single experience has to offer me in my own life journey. 

Aho and Amen


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