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Event Calendar

ALUNA Retreat



April 22-24th

May 18-20th

June 10-12th

July 22-24th

August 10-12th

September 2-4th

September 7-9th

October 14-16th

November 4-6th

December 2-4th

The Initiation Path Retreat

Deep self-Inquiry + 2x Ayahuasca


July 8-15th

ALUNA Immersion Retreat

Ayahuasca & San Pedro


May 18-22nd

August 10-14th

September 7-11th

November 4-8th

Huachuma Retreat

San Pedro


May 21-22nd

August 13-14th

September 10-11th

November 7-8th

Entheo Breath

Yoga & Breath


April 24th

May 15th

Entheoguide® Training

Level 1:  

July 8-15th 

Level 2:

September 17-24th

Level 3:

 Jan 17-25th, 2023

Entheobreath® Training

Level 1 July 1-6th

Level 2 Nov 14-18th 

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Aloha, Alexandra & Attila

We are located in Santa Cuz, CA

and speak English, German and Dutch

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