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Rock Maze

Training to 


Level 3

Service to Others

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In Level 1 you learned how to access and work with your shadows, which deepened your relationship to yourself and others.

In Level 2 you started filling your tool box by practicing how to hold space for other peoples healing process.

In Level 3 you will be asked to fully step into the role of a co-facilitator. You will co-create and co-facilitate the entire process of a plant medicine retreat with fellow initiates. This process allows you to create an alchemy of what you have learned with us so far and how to express that in your own unique way. Through this creative and responsible process you will be able to identify your strengths and your areas of challenge. You will be able to take advantage of a safe environment that encourages and supports you to step into a leadership role. Our team members will stand by and assist you along the way to self actualization.


You can either choose to embody the qualities of an ENTHEOGUIDE® in your day-to-day life or your current profession, or you can become a plant medicine guide in your practice to guide individual sessions.. 

The Initiation Path of an ENTHEOGUIDE® never really ends and has only just begun. 


EN-THEO (origin Greek ~ entheos) means filled with the divine, spirit within or simply inspired. An ENTHEOGUIDE® feels inspired to serve, guide and to hold space for other people’s processes. Your aim is to stay present at all times, in the center of your being, to be able and willing to self-reflect when triggered in the process. You listen to yourself and others with a curious/open attitude and dare to reside in a place of not-knowing. You understand that it is not about fulfilling your own needs but about supporting the other when he/she is in need of support. As an ENTHEOGUIDE® your intention to hold space comes from a place of compassion, curiosity, competence, integrity and transparency. The Initiation Path of an ENTHEOGUIDE® never really ends and becomes the embodiment of your soul’s mission. 


During your training, we ask that you be willing to open yourself up fully to your own personal growth, and to create a safe container together that welcomes feedback, is free of judgement and allows everyone to learn and grow freely.


During this Level we will work with the plant medicine Ayahuasca. 


Requirement for joining Level 3 is that you have completed Level 1 and 2 of the your training along with your assignment.



In Level 3 you will learn 

  • About contra indications with plant medicine, mental health conditions, addiction, ethical code and other

  • About projection, dealing with 'difficult' clients, mirroring

  • How to receive and give constructive feedback

  • How to co-create a safe and nurturing environment with like-minded people

  • How to co-facilitate a complete (mini) retreat yourself incl. preparation and integration process.

Modalities & tools you will work with

  • Sharing circles

  • Intention setting circles

  • Pair/group exercises

  • Breath work

  • Uncovering and undoing limiting beliefs

  • Dynamic meditation

  • Vocal toning 

  • Plant medicine such as Ayahuasca and Rapé 

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