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Our Values



The ceremony leaders and guides of ALUNA do not guide out of any doctrine or religion. In our spiritual setting ceremony leaders and guides use a methodology with the clear purpose for the participant to acknowledge wholeness within. The participant is free to experience spirituality and religion in his or her own way. The principle approach of ALUNA is that every human being has a soul that connects him or her to a greater source. It is that soul aspect of our human existence that is released through our methodology. We respect and honour all individual preferences in their naming of the divine. Our ceremony leaders and guides may call upon their personal spiritual beliefs  but will never exclude any other beliefs, doctrines or religions. All is welcome here. 



For participants, ceremony leaders and guides there are boundaries concerning intimacy. Anything that lacks the intention of professional guidance within the setting of ALUNA is not accepted. Our methodolgy is known for physical contact and touch when needed. This contact is meant to evoke trust, relaxation or release of energies to allow the participant to engage in intense emotional processes. We are aware that our setting differs from a regular therapeutic setting where physical distance between client and therapist is the normality. Specifically, in the case of regression, we offer physical support to soothe and comfort the participant in his or her deepest fears, offering the chance to heal the trauma that lies underneath. We are with the participant as long as he or she needs us and leave once the participant can navigate the process by his or herself. 

We explicitly do not seek or invite sexual informed contact. We do not engage in any sexual acts like a kiss on the mouth or touching intimate parts of the body. Neither do we accept any sexual informed actions by the participants. Our clothing is decent and does not invite for any sexual insinuations. The safety and the inner process of the participants are the primary concern above all else. Our guidance and clear boundaries will reflect this.


Needs of the participant


We will listen to and respect the needs of the participant. If a personal need conflicts with the intention of the ceremony or the participants safety it will kindly be denied while we clearly explain why. It should be clear that randomness and misuse of power are not at play and that all is aimed at protecting the intention of the setting and the process of the participant(s). Actions of our ceremony leaders and guides are always in service of the process of the participant and the preservation of sacred space.

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