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Blume Womb Women's Retreat

A journey into the Womb 

to awaken your feminine power through your cyclical nature


August 29-September 1

What is the rite of the womb transmission?
What are the benefits of a rite of the womb retreat?
What is sisterhood and circle of sisters?
What is sacred cacao?
What is deep self inquiry?
What happens when women are healed?
What happens when the sacred feminine divine is healed?
What is freedom?
What is Transformational Breath®?
What is Breath work?
What is Rapé?
What is retreat for women?

The deepest most ancient secrets of life lie within the womb of every woman. It is a woman's primordial voice and connector into the web of life that connects all living  beings. Womb Care is your life care. When we bring the attention back to our center- our Womb, we become centered, empowered, present and grounded. Every woman has a sacred wellspring of wisdom within her, waiting to be awakened. Every womb holds her own rhythm through her monthly menstrual cycle. This is her own essence, her own story, her own emotions, her own trauma, her own ancestral lineage. Through menstrual cycle awareness and reconnecting to our cyclical nature we can tune into our living temple and listen to what our womb has to say. It is the ultimate path to living our own aligned blueprint. 

What is the experience?


The Blume Womb Retreat is an experience amongst women to reclaim their power within by connecting back to their womb through different practices, ceremonies, sisterhood and teachings of the menstrual cycle. It is a space in which women can express, heal and empower each other in a safe and sacred container.


  • Intro and teachings to Menstrual Cycle Awareness

  • The 4 phases of your menstrual cycle and how we can live through them

  • The feminine archetypes and exercises to embody/ connect to them

  • Initiation of the Womb Ceremony

  • Microdosing with psilocybin

  • Menarche Reclamation Ceremony

  • Closing Cacao Ceremony

  • Sisterhood and sitting in circle with other women

  • Facilitation and support in your own personal journey

  • Delicious organic vegan meals made with love

  • Accommodation


Who is this for?


The woman who is ready to:

  • Rewrite her womb story and reclaim her power

  • Let go of what no longer serves her to make room for the things that do

  • Heal generation trauma and beliefs

  • Heal the sisterhood wound and be held by other women

  • Rediscover her authentic voice and feminine essence

  • Get in touch with her inner child and reconnect with her innocence

  • Connect with her womb space and innate intuition

  • Learn about her menstrual cycle and how she can live with It

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