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Aluna healing retreats

What is an Aluna retreat?

Why is attending an Aluna retreat important?

What are the benefits of attending an Aluna retreat?

What is the rite of the womb retreat?

What is return of the lion hearted retreat?

Through the safe and sacred space we create throughout the retreat you can allow yourself to dive deep and let go. We are here to fully support and respect you in your process, to assist you lovingly in any way we can. 

We are fully committed to walk with you every step of the way. All we ask of you is to show up and trust us. The rest will fall into place

How do we serve you during our retreats with us?

The ALUNA experience

We are living the notion of serving others by deeply caring, loving and nurturing providing a space for self discovery, heart-centered practices and accelerated learnings  to re-remember who you truly are.


We have had many years of experience facilitating individuals and groups in ceremonies, work shops and retreats. With our attention and dedication to detail, with our creativity for music and atmosphere and our sense of ambiance we invite you to experience a loving, caring, nurturing personal journey and integrate these life transforming experiences into your daily life.


Our retreats are specifically designed for those seeking a deep trans-formative experience. Our team is there for you every step of the way being there for you for breath work, ceremony facilitation, yoga, past experience integration and .daily delicious vegan food.


Due to the exclusive small groups, we are able to create a family heart centered, deeply rooted, tribal feeling. You can be YOU all the way, going through your journey of transformation and self re-discovery with us holding space for you. We are here to serve you, to ensure that all aspects of your personal comfort, your safety and your diet are all balanced, in an optimal way to allow a deep transformative and introspective journey.

You will experience a balance of pure privacy, well being and deep transformation throughout the time that you stay with us. We are looking forward guiding you through your personal experience.



The Initiation Path Retreat

Self-Inquiry + 2x Ayahuasca

Rock Maze


Ayahuasca for women

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ALUNA Lion Hearted

Ayahuasca for men

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