after a plant medicine ceremony


It has been said that a ceremony can be equivalent to 10+ years of psychotherapy. This inevitably changes your perspective on life, self, identity, and purpose. However, this rapid and profound shedding can leave us sensitive, vulnerable, and can be a lot to process all at once. With guidance these lessons can be applied to our daily lives in a powerful way. Integration, in large part, is the process of absorbing and digesting this raw material; quite literally, incorporating it into your consciousness. This inevitably changes your perspective on life, self, identity, and purpose. We can grow into showing up as our true whole and soulful selves. We begin to cultivate a way of being that is in touch with what really matters.

We believe that integration is probably the most important and crucial aspect of journey work. Job, relationships, diet, habits, mindset—all these are up for transformation in the weeks following ceremony.

That is why we offer integration during our private sessions, workshops and retreats.



Post journey integration is offered in our monthly integration circles. Everybody who has sat with us in circle is welcome to join us. Please contact us to find out about upcoming circles.

These powerful circles enable you to

  • share authentically your current state of being

  • what you were able to integrate since the ceremony

  • what you are still struggling with

  • listen to fellow journeyers and their story and way of integration

  • sharing insights with each other

  • implementing lessons gained from the retreat and implementing them into everyday life

  • nurturing our connection to our soul and to the medicine

  • Staying connected to your truth, valuing your life

  • being part of a like-minded and like-hearted caring community

Private ​post integration sessions

We also offer one-on-one ​post integration sessions. For those who need a more intimate setting to assist with the integration process we invite you to book a session with Daniela.

She will be able to support you in navigating life after a journey and staying on track with the lessons learned. 

Additionally a private breath session is probably the easiest way to assist with integration. 

In person or via Zoom POST INTEGRATION GUIDANCE session: $65.- for 60min 

In person POST INTEGRATION GUIDANCE plus BREATH session: $135.- for 120min

Via zoom POST INTEGRATION GUIDANCE plus BREATH session: $100.- for 90 min