of a plant medicine ceremony


To embark on a plant medicine journey can be daunting and sometimes very scary. We believe that preparation and integration are equally important as the journey in itself. Coming well prepared to a ceremony will allow you to dive deeper, feel more committed and feel more grounded. Your journey will unfold more effortlessly since all your bodies are ready for the medicine.

One important aspect of preparation is the Dieta. As soon as you sign up for one of our retreats you will receive the Dieta as well as an in-depth guidance questionnaire.

Another very important aspect is an intention. A properly set intention will allow the medicine to guide you were you want and need to go. We can help you prior to the retreat to identify your intention and maybe even help shed some first layers so that you are more open to receive the medicine.

Here are a few of the topics we might address during your session with us prior to the retreat:

  • Clarifying what you are looking to heal

  • Learning how to set intentions and manifest abundance in your life

  • Preparing to make lasting life changes

  • Learning how to best navigate what comes up during your journey

  • Beginning to understand your programming and the subconscious mind

  • Focusing on working through areas of your life that need love, attention and clarity

  • Creating a plan to make necessary life changes that bring peace, wellness, abundance and support your highest truth

  • Looking at your life from a different, more grateful and loving perspective

  • Beginning to forgive ourselves and learning to cultivate self-love

In person or via Zoom PREP GUIDANCE SESSION: $65.- for 60min (with Alexandra)

In person PREP GUIDANCE & BREATH SESSION: $135.- for 90min (with Alexandra or Attila)