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Entheoguide® training 


Level 1

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The Entheoguide Training

lays a new foundation to your spiritual path, wherever you find yourself in this moment.

During this training you will receive the building blocks to either take your personal journey to a deeper level or to pave your way towards becoming a facilitator yourself. 

This week long journey is designed for you to understand how to hold space for yourself.

You will learn what it means to feel safe from within and how a lack of inner, emotional safety are connected to childhood experiences. You will build a conscious  felt sense of your inner child and the limitting beliefs that you developed during childhood. Understanding the limitting beliefs that you hold about yourself and the world will disempower this false belief system. 

4 days of breath work, self inquiry, inner child work, movement, yoga and meditation will prepare you for 2 powerful plant medicine ceremonies which will take everything you have learned so far to a different level.

Private room: $3,250.- pp

Communal room (men and women sleep separately): $2,750.- pp

Shared double room: $2,950.- pp

this includes:

  • tuition for the training

  • your stay in a private single/double or communal room (with shared bathroom)

  • delicious organic, vegan meals (dieta approved)

  • a whole lot of love  

In this training you will learn how to get in touch with your feelings, memories and information stored in the body. You will get to know yourself more by reflecting on the way you breathe, the way you feel and the way you communicate this to others. 

Through honest self inquiry you will discover which essential qualities belong to you and which ones want to be expressed in your life. 

This training will offer a lot of added value in professions where people work with other people. After all, the emphasis is on the relationship between body and mind, on body awareness, on learning to feel and to deal with emotions and above all…. being present with what life has to offer, no matter how that looks like. 

Our students (of all ages!) come from various backgrounds, interests, studies and professional directions. Whoever you are and whatever profession you practice, working on your personal development has a positive, profound and healing effect on yourself and your environment.


This training is also a meaningful addition to professionals in people-oriented and (para) medical professions, such as coaches, trainers, HR,  psychotherapists, psychologists and holistic body workers.


In this training you will learn how to

  • Listen mindfully from the heart

  • Become aware of your breathing habits

  • Connect with yourself at a deeper level through bodywork, plant medicine and self inquiry

  • Release stored emotions through new modalities

  • Discover your essential qualities 

  • Understand, reveal and transform your limiting beliefs

  • Explore the Inner Child concept and get in touch with your inner child 

  • Ground more into your body through bodywork, movement, kundalini yoga and plant medicine

  • Rediscover your voice

  • Support your process through meditation 

  • Learn how to hold space for yourself

  • Listen to and understand what your body is telling you

  • Establish emotional safety within

Modalities & tools you will work with

  • Ayahuasca

  • Sharing circles

  • Pair/group exercises

  • Entheobreath®

  • Meditations

  • Inner child work

  • Uncovering and undoing limiting beliefs

  • Yoga

  • Vocal toning 

Entheobreath® work

The breath work method we are using at ALUNA is a conscious diaphragmatic breathing technique. By breathing in a connected fashion, breath work has the capacity to affect not only the physical aspects of our bodies but also the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as well.


Any mental, emotional and spiritual transformational process calls for a change in the physical body as well. To support and facilitate your personal transformative process you will be guided through a daily practice of conscious movement. 

Inner Child concept

Through listening to the subjective story of your inner child you will start to feel more compassionate with yourself and you will be able to establish emotional safety within yourself. Feeling emotionally safe is the basis/groundwork for everything else you want to learn and do in life. 


Self Inquiry

Through mindful self-inquiry you will learn to examine your self-worth and sense for self, your stories, beliefs and judgements. By doing so you will create a greater presence and space within yourself.


Vocal toning

Toning and chanting reconnects you to your own voice. Through the voice we communicate our needs, we set healthy boundaries, communicate our feelings and our love. You will learn how to become more intimate and at ease with the sound of your own voice. A strong voice grounds us, gives us projection and presence with all we do. 



Through meditation you learn how to stay present in the now. Through mediation we enhance our focus and become more mindful in our interactions. You will learn how to be comfortable with silence.


Sharing circles

Through sharing circles you will learn how to communicate your feelings, how to be vulnerable in the presence of others and how to listen mind & heart-fully to your fellow initiates. 


New insights and inspiration

This retreat offers you new insights and inspiration about yourself


  • You will become more familiar with your own emotional life and the continuous influence of your mind on how you experience yourself.

  • You will become aware of your survival strategies and how to let go of them.

  • You will develop the ability to be lovingly in touch with your own physical and emotional experiences and of those around you.

  • You will find a way back to your essence, your authenticity, your true strength and your self-love.

  • You will deepen and balance your personal and work life.

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