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Training to 


To become an ENTHEOGUIDE® is for people who want to deepen their personal development, for those who would like to become an apprentice at Aluna or other organizations, and/or who want to apply the methodologies we use in their own practice as a facilitator, such as breathwork, body work, meditation practices, voice work, inner child work, transforming your belief system and plant medicine.

The training will be held in 3 levels. 

In Level 1 you will be guided through an in-depth, transformational process. This module focuses on your personal development and therefore lays the foundation of becoming an ENTHEOGUIDE®.

In Level 2 & Level 3 you will learn the skills and adopt qualities of an ENTHEOGUIDE®. 


EN-THEO (origin Greek ~ entheos) means filled with the divine, spirit within or simply inspired.

An ENTHEOGUIDE® feels inspired to serve, guide and hold space for other people’s process and leads by example. His/her aim is to stay present at all times, in the center of his being, to be able and willing to self-reflect when triggered in the process. As an ENTHEOGUIDE® you will be able to hold space for yourself and for others from a place of compassion, competence, integrity and loving support.

During your training, we ask that you be willing to open yourself up fully to your own personal growth, and to create a safe container together that welcomes feedback, is free of judgement and allows everyone to learn and grow freely.


Throughout the training we will commune with different sacred pant medicines such as Ayahuasca, Huachuma (San Pedro), Psilocybin, Rapé and Cacao.

Every level will not have more than 12 participants with three facilitators.

This training is for those who


  • Feel ready to make a shift in their lives towards more fulfillment.

  • Feel called to guide others through intense and transformative healing processes.

  • Want to adopt a methodology that has been proven highly effective.

  • Feel called to create emotional safe environments for others.

  • Want to learn more about how to use plant medicine in an intentional and therapeutic way.

  • Want to learn how to create and hold ceremonial spaces.

  • Want to know and learn about guiding in a safe setting to support participants and clients in personal processes.

  • Have their own practice and would like to use our methodology.

  • Want to connect and create with a community of like-minded people.

During this training you will learn how to


  • Gain deeper insight in the relationship of body and psyche.

  • Understand more deeply who you are and what wants to be expressed through you.

  • Deepen your knowledge about somatic experiences and exercises.

  • Hold space from your center for yourself and others during transformational processes.

  • Create an emotionally safe environment, within and without.

  • Feel safe and set healthy boundaries in a group setting.

  • Apply a holistic approach to the preparation and integration process of a plant medicine journey.

  • Create a ceremonial setting.

  • Navigate a plant medicine journey from a grounded (centered) place.

  • Identify reflection, projection and mirroring in your relationship to other participants or clients.

Level 1


Potter Valley, CA


March 22-29th, 2024

May 24-31st, 2024

$2,750..-pp communal room

$3,250.-pp private single room

incl. tuition,

accommodation & food


Level 2


Potter Valley, CA


August 2-9th, 2024


$2,750..-pp communal room

$3,250.-pp private single room

incl. tuition,

accommodation & food


Level 3

Service to Others

Potter Valley, CA


November 1-9th, 2024

$2,750..-pp communal room

$3,250.-pp private single room

incl. tuition,

accommodation & food



* 30% DEPOSIT (non-refundable)


in 3 installments available 

* Preferred Payment: Venmo, Check, Zelle


Terms & Conditions:

  • Deposits are non-refundable. 

  • The rest payment is due 4 weeks prior to the training.

  • In  case of cancellation on your behalf within 4 weeks of the beginning of the training we ask you to honor paying the full amount of the event as at this point it will be difficult for us to fill your space.

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