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Ayahuasca Retreat for Women 

For women to explore in a safe space

February 9-11

What is the rite of the womb transmission?
What are the benefits of a rite of the womb retreat?
What is sisterhood and circle of sisters?
What is sacred cacao?
What is deep self inquiry?
What happens when women are healed?
What happens when the sacred feminine divine is healed?
What is freedom?
What is Transformational Breath®?
What is Breath work?
What is Rapé?
What is retreat for women?

When women come together in circle to share, heal, and transform

magic happens.

As women are healed, all things will come back into balance.

What is the experience?


Aluna Rose is an ayahuasca experience amongst women. A space in which women can express, heal and empower each other in a safe and sacred container.


This retreat will have the same structure as our regular Aluna retreats, only it will be a women's only retreat.


  • 2 Sacred Ayahuasca ceremonies

  • 1 Entheobreath session for preparation

  • Meditation

  • Rapé

  • Delicious organic vegan meals made with love

  • Accommodation


Who is this for?


The woman who is ready to:

  • Rewrite her story and reclaim her power

  • Let go of what no longer serves her to make room for the things that do

  • Heal generation trauma and beliefs

  • Heal the sisterhood wound and be held by other women

  • Rediscover her authentic voice and feminine essence

  • Get in touch with her inner child and reconnect with her innocence

  • Connect with her womb space and innate intuition

  • Cleanse on all levels of his being: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual

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