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inner child retreat

Integrative Inner Child Retreat 
(Women's Only) 

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You are here to dance to the music of your soul.

To move to the rhythm of your nature.

To sing the song of your essence.

This deep atonement with yourself will set you free! 



Our inner child is the aspect of our being that remains forever young. It is the part of us that is intuitive, impulsive, spontaneous, vulnerable, creative, playful and trusting. It’s connected to our vitality, our youth. It’s not constrained by limiting beliefs about the world and feels unbridled enthusiasm about life. This is also the part of us that holds our inner compass and knows the clearest path to our true calling. In this space we know that life is magical and that anything is possible!


Our inner child is the part within us that feels completely worthy of our biggest dreams coming true.


What happened that we lost connection to our natural impulses, our spontaneity, intuition and therefor our authentic self expression? Why do we lead lives that are not in alignment with our true nature? 


It started in the moments when it didn’t feel safe to express your feelings. You had to contract to hold them inside. Your vitality literally froze. More of your impulses froze inside of you when you were told to sit still, to behave, to listen to the teacher and to do as you were told. You learned as child how to stay safe in exchange for your spontaneous nature that provides your confidence and authenticity. 


To reclaim all of your authentic self expression you need to un-freeze the impulses that once got frozen inside of you. This can be done through movement and sound.

In the Integrative Inner Child Retreat you will reconnect to these vulnerable moments in childhood where it was not safe enough to be yourself. Whilst in touch with your vulnerability you will be guided and invited to express yourself by moving your body and using your voice. The voice being related to your throat chakra- the center of authentic self expression.  Your body being the vessel that holds all of your contractions.  Expressing yourself whilst being in touch with your vulnerability will move you from a state of self protection to connection.


Inside this safe container you will be guided to express your true self and therefor reclaim your spontaneity, your creativity and your innate joy! 


Plant Medicine informed Retreat

During this retreat you will be ingesting Ayahuasca to reach beyond the mind and facilitate the process of unfreezing your stored impulses. You will be guided to move and voice yourself and even do some partner exercises while under the influence of the plant medicine. We will therefor NOT ingest a full dose but rather several smaller doses though out  the ceremonial part of the day. 


This Retreat is for you if 

~ you wish to lead your life more authentically 

~ you want to share more of yourself with the world but feel blocked in doing so

~ you often struggle with inadequacy and feeling small 

~ you are socially very self aware

~ you are scared to express healthy boundaries

~ you want to let go of shame

~ you would like to feel your inner compass again

~ you want to let go of control and be more in spontaneous flow

~ you want to reclaim your authentic voice

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