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Conscious Breathing

Reconnecting to Life

The breath work method we are using at ALUNA is a conscious diaphragmatic breathing technique. By breathing in a connected fashion, breath work has the capacity to affect not only the physical aspects of our bodies but also the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as well.

How can breath work change my life?

Improvement of life quality through the power of breath, old traumas, limiting beliefs and subconsciously held patterns of energy suppressed are gradually released. 

This enables you to not only let go of what you have been holding on to but also transform and integrate the habitual thinking and behavioral manifestations of these suppressions as well.

​This type of breathing, is extremely beneficial for people that suffer from anxiety and/or depression!

​Over time, as you learn to accept an open, healthy breath into your body you find you are able to live your life more fully and enter into a state of peace and inner balance. You feel a closer connection to your purpose and inner power. On a physical level you will feel more alive because of an increased oxygen level and an improvement of blood flow.

What are the benefits of breath work?

  • breath work grounds you

  • breath work helps with anxiety and depression

  • breath work balances your immune system

  • breath work helps release limiting beliefs about yourself and the world around you

  • breath work heals your relationship with yourself and others

  • breath work releases trauma

  • breath helps with PTSD

  • breath work decreases stress and therefore relaxes you on a deep level

  • breath work gives you clarity 

  • breath work assists in integrating your plant medicine journey

Peace with the Breath

 Peace with the Mind

Peace with the Soul

How does this type of breath work differ from other healing modalities?

An important difference to other therapies is that this type of breath work doesn't focus on the root cause of a negative emotion but directs all its energy towards the transformation and healing, to regain a healthier and more joyful state of being. 

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