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The ALUNA Experience

~ Your journey home starts here ~

Our work is an invitation for a pilgrimage to self-love,

with sincerity and devotion to the sacred feminine divine

 ~ equally for men and women.


Feminine consciousness

is weaving a new way into being,

inviting us to step through the magic doorway

to be part of the great change - 

to become conscious co-creators of a new reality.

Come and step with us through the portal

into the holy grail to reawaken your greatest potential. 

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The Aluna Sanctuary


Our new retreat location is located in Potter Valley, Mendocino County, Northern California, situated on 40 acres of pristine nature, tucked away and surrounded by beautiful oak and pine trees. The only sounds that you will hear are nature sounds and your whole being is able to rejuvenate!

Welcome to the Aluna Sanctuary!

Event Calendar

ALUNA Retreat

2x Ayahuasca


July 10-12th, 2024

July 26-28th, 2024

August 16-18th, 2024

September 11-14th, 2024

September 27-29th, 2024

October 18-20th, 2024

November 20-23rd, 2024

December 13-15th, 2024

Aluna Rose🌹

(women only)

July 26-28th, 2024

September 27-29th, 2024

Aluna Lion Hearted

(men only)

October 18-20th, 2024

The Initiation Path Retreat

Deep self-Inquiry +

Ayahuasca & San Pedro

+ Integration


May 24-31st, 2024

Immersion Retreat

2x Ayahuasca & San Pedro


July 10-14th, 2024

September 11-15th, 2024

November 20-24th, 2024

Huachuma Retreat

San Pedro


July 13-14th, 2024

September 14-15th, 2024

November 23-24th, 2024

'Integrative Inner Child Retreat'

microdose Ayahuasca

(women only)


May 9-12th, 2024

'Blume Womb Retreat '

microdose Psilocybin

(women only)


August 29th-September 1st, 2024

Couple's Retreat



June 13-16th, 2024

October 3-6th, 2024

Entheoguide® Training


Level 1:  

May 24-31st, 2024

Level 2:

August 2-9th, 2024

Level 3:

November 1-9th, 2024

How does the ALUNA experience look like?

At ALUNA we focus on you and your needs. We tune in on where you are at in your journey, accompany you every step of the way and hold space for you. We believe in following our heart, following our highest excitement and living according to our own truth. In order to do so we believe that we first must let go of old programming and limitations to become authentic ~ true to our selves.  Letting go of judgement towards ourselves and therefore letting go of judgement of our surroundings. This path is a path of forgiveness and compassion and it starts with ourselves. When we commit to this we commit to our feminine side, our heart, our emotions, our feelings. 

Through the tools we offer at ALUNA we like to assist you on the path to the sacred feminine divine;  a path open to everyone. It is a journey that allows everything in us to be acknowledged, to be loved, to be brought to the light. In order to do so we first must 'descend into the underworld' - the death and rebirth all shamanic traditions speak of. A deeply feminine process - the return to the sacred feminine divine, for both men and women.

When you experience our offerings with us you will be guided safely back to your core. The experience can be raw, painful, deep, and profound yet at the same time nurturing, warm, loving and sacred. We are here to hold space for you, lovingly committed to you.

See what our participants are saying about their experience with us 

Our Ceremony space, La Abuela


What does ALUNA mean?

ALUNA means 'Great Mother' in the language of the Kogis, an ancient civilization that lives in the mountains of Colombia.  We chose this name to honor the sacred feminine divine expressed through our magical planet Earth. We humans can only truly feel love and respect for this planet, mother Earth, when we start to truly love and respect ourselves. During the ALUNA experience you will naturally return to a state where self-love and self-respect are a part of your day-to-day life again. 

Come and join us entering the new paradigm on this earth, where self-love and self-compassion rule and peace unfolds within.

The Sacred Feminine Divine

In our current paradigm the heart has often been separated from our creative power. When our love does not have roots and our power is not connected to our heart, suffering begins. Remembering that the love energy that we most easily associate with the heart also includes and flows through the sacral area is a huge key for our awakening. The sacral area, also called womb (women) and hara (men) holds that primordial wisdom that initiates all new creations.

The divine intelligence manifests through the heart-womb. These two energy centers are incomplete if one is without the other,  just like the feminine and masculine belong together. From this place of union, a new energy can be birthed onto Earth. This is the perfect blueprint of primordial innocence  and love

- the true human that lives within us.

Remembering and activating the Sacred Feminine within our personal womb/hara restores us to our own power and authority and reconnects us to a deeper knowing about ourselves and life.

Screen Shot 2020-12-25 at 8.17.22 PM.png


the Sacred Feminine and Sacred MasculineDivine

The Feminine Divine is not a "women only" concept. We as human carry both aspects within us ~ the masculine and the feminine. In yoga these energies are known as Shiva and Shakti and in Chinese philosophy they are called Yin and Yang, just to give you two examples. 

Honoring and connecting to the Divine Feminine is an act of love, not only to oneself, but also to the Divine Mother — the essence of all creation. It is a sacred connection to Mother Earth and to the very energy of giving birth … to ideas, expressions, dreams, life and existence. The Divine Feminine is a part of us all.

It is a state of awareness that is connected to the wisdom of the heart, to natural and divine laws, and to loving, harmonious and peaceful Life.

The Aware Feminine

















The Aware Masculine










material abundance







We are here on this earthly plane to bring both aspects within us back into balance. The Feminine Divine has been suppressed for aeons and so it is understandable that it needs some facilitation in being re-activated and re-acknowledged. Everyone's pilgrimage into the feminine space is different. The key for you is to connect to your inner knowing, to your inner wisdom. To follow your highest excitement and to trust your intuition. And then ultimately trust in and surrender to the flow of life.

A disconnect from the Feminine Divine essence usually harbors a disconnect to our emotions. Many of us expend enormous energy running from our feelings. Emotional connection and release is often portrayed as weak or purposeless in modern-day society.

To unlock our feminine energies, we need to access, fully feel, and release our feelings without judgement, since judgement is our biggest obstacle in a loving relationship to ourself and in a loving relationship to others. Stagnant feelings become held not only in the physical body, they are also locked in the ‘spiritual body’. This blockage can restrict the flow of Feminine Divine energy.

Safe spaces are vital for the process of truly feeling your feelings and releasing deeply held emotions. The process requires a  ‘container’ that is based on total trust and clear boundaries. Your feminine soul energy responds naturally to beautiful, devotional spaces that have been created with love and intention.

This is where the fearful mind and hardened places in the psyche begin to melt and soften into the energy of the heart. Sacred ceremonies have been used as a bridge between earth and spirit throughout history. We have put all these ingredients together for you. Please take a look:

At ALUNA we offer two main tools: Breath Work and Entheogens from the Amazon. Both are amazing shamanic tools that assist you on your quest in reconnecting with yourself and therefore with your Feminine Divine. Both healing tools are a gateway to connect to your higher being, your inner guidance.

Nobody but yourself knows what's best and how to overcome the struggles you are encountering, how to let go and how to move forward. You might not know at this point but once you have reconnected things will fall into place. You will regain clarity, focus, will power, more compassion and love for yourself, forgiveness, trust and peace.

Come join us for this beautiful experience in becoming one again.

Our Offerings

Find out how our tools can serve you best. Schedule a free 15min consultation call with us

Beautiful Nature



connect to your inner guidance

by communing with the wisdom of

Sacred Plant Medicine 

from the Amazon

we offer


Ayahuasca Retreats

San Pedro Retreats

Psilocybin private sessions

MDMA private sessions

MDMA Couple's sessions

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Rock Maze

Training to Entheoguide

read more

Two Dried Leaves


ENTHEOGENESIS® is ALUNA's legal entity.

It is a spiritual corporation/church and is not organized for the private gain of any one person. 

It is organized under the Nonprofit Religious Corporation Law exclusively for spiritual purposes.

ENTHEOGENESIS® draws upon the wisdom and love of the ancestors and the healing power of plant medicines.  ENTHEOGENESIS® seeks to provide a loving, safe ceremony space for sacred medicine sacraments for both groups and individuals.

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sacred feminine divine


reclaim your wholeness


Breath Work 

Entheobreath is a holistic healing modality that Aluna uses as an integralpart of our offerings. 

We offer this amazing self healing tool to prepare our participants before any plant medicine journey or MDMA session. 

It is also lends itself as a beautiful integrative tool.

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Screen Shot 2022-02-03 at 9.40_edited.jpg

In this outline the Aluna Retreat is the beginning of a journey of self discovery. Here, AWARENESS is being created: Where are we on our Path? What is the medicine revealing to us? What is calling us?

Is there purpose for us? 

From this point on some feel called to take their journey to a deeper level. In the INITIATION Path Retreat we are being taken further down into our underworld, back to our childhood where limiting beliefs about ourselves and the world originate. This retreat lays then the foundation and is a requirement to participate in our
TRAINING programs.


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