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About Attila

In 2008, I experienced my first spiritual encounter with the magical plant medicine, in the Santo Daime in Amsterdam. The ceremony gave me great insight into my fears, limitations and my inner truth. My personal spiritual journey had begun. But I was too afraid to acknowledge and follow my true path, so I continued in the corporate world for several years.

I have more than two decades of experience in Senior Marketing and Sales with multinational corporations. I’ve been successful in driving results for companies like Unilever, MARS, McKinsey, Danone and Delhaize. I attributed my success to my ability to push for more each year, creating product marketing campaigns, and effectively leading people who might not have been invested in the company or project as I was.

Through the years, I came to take multiple journeys with plant medicine and other sacred healing plants. I started to be more and more engaged with shamanic healing modalities.

I began to realize that just because I had a great job with a high salary, big title, and luxury company car, I was NOT living my truth. I could not see a way to stop feeding from the corporate system, as I was my family’s sole provider, yet.

Only in 2016, I managed to take the leap to my personal freedom and to finding my inner authentic truth. My own awakening and new consciousness led me to my spiritual path, living in freedom and being one with nature. I now realize that I am here to serve others; to see their individual light to free their souls from fear, limitation, and the driving beliefs that lead away from THEIR personal truths and purposes.

I am committed to my soul; to feel all my feelings with pure honesty, to choose life and love over security and power, to leap from the safety of the bank into the middle of the fast-flowing river, to realize the amazing power of the courageous Lion Hearted love of awakening. This love has the power to bloom for us to help us achieve anything we aspire. Thoughts manifest creation, and by giving all, you will receive all...more than you could possibly imagine.


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