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About Carlie

I believe that a journey towards healing isn’t complete without taking into accounts all aspects of the body mind and soul. For me, this journey began with they discovery yoga in my early 20‘s. My practice and education in this ancient wisdom changed the way I walk through this life. In yoga I found a grounding and clarity that shifted my perspective and how I now engage with myself, my work, my loved ones and my aspirations. This path of yoga eventually led me into relationship with plant medicine as an evolution to my explorations of self. These tools have influenced all I do and allowed me to clearly create the life I envision for myself. 


My now insatiable passion for food began years ago with an intuitive belief that every physical manifestation of my body was the direct result of my own human action and intake. I plunged into the depths of nutrition. I sought to be healthy, from the inside out. I wanted to understand how and why certain foods acted as medicine while others poison. I wanted to heal myself. And from this grew an organic desire to help and heal and serve those around me. I am passionate about teaching people how to nurture themselves with incredibly delicious food and how to embrace the opportunity to get excited about the bounty of this earth and all the ways we are supported by it. 


I am a certified Health Coach, my personal philosophy on nutrition is largely based on traditions of Ayurveda and eating for your individual constitution, with the seasons and always local, organic, pasture raised and grass fed. I have worked for years as a Personal Chef, Caterer and Retreat Chef and Host. My desire is to create a comprehensive experience for my clients. To demonstrate through first hand delight of the pallet, that healthy and nutritious food made with top quality ingredients is inextricably synonymous with delicious, flavorful and exciting meals!

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