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About Elana

My spiritual journey began as a child. I have always been drawn to understanding human nature and how we operate on this plane. My scholastic studies led me to Thailand and meditation as well as a deep connection to my physical body and the wisdom it holds. Religious studies continued as a central theme through college in San Diego where I majored in Sociology. Post university I have continued collecting courses and certifications through Harvard Divinity School in their Psychedelics for Therapeutic Modalities track as well as my personal exploration of therapeutic uses of psychedelics in response to healing my own PTSD.

My studies and personal healing journey have instilled in me the desire to work with plant medicine as my service to others and the planet and given me the perspective that follows.

We can turn all things into medicine. Some medicines come in the form of lessons; some in the form of physical healing; and others still as emotional restoration.

Ayahuasca is a medicine that runs deep in my blood and bones. She is home for me. She is life for me. She is me. Mama (as I intimately call her) has changed my life infinitely and beautifully. Her medicine is one that encompasses all paths to healing, she is the ultimate medicine that I have encountered.

The other medicine that fuels my fire and life is food. The creative and nourishing expression of food, I believe, is one of humanities most luxurious gifts. How we grow, learn, heal and thrive begins with what we put in our bodies. Our creative energy can be focused to uncover new experiences of flavor, texture, and joy in just one bite. It can be an expression of love and gratitude. And for all these reasons it is part of my soul’s passion and one of my most honored medicines.


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