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About Nicole

Nicole Arnone Cipolla started seeking at a young age. She left the country at 15 as Rotary Exchange Student to Spain and was ignited into passionate dance with the world. She earned her degree in International Relations at UC Santa Barbara, spending one of the years studying in Toulouse France. She then interned in Washington DC at the Peace Corps headquarters and joined to teach English in Madagascar shortly thereafter.


After traveling the world, Nicole realized that she believed she could be of the most value back where she started from in Sonoma County. She came home and in worked in marketing. She sat on prominent boards, graduated leadership programs and participated in service organizations. She was driven by external validation and the ego.


She met and married a wonderful man and had two beautiful baby girls. Her second delivery was traumatic and she stopped working shortly after. She fell into postpartum depression and  was forced to look at what was actually important to her.


She was not done seeking. She changed the focus from external to internal. Nicole started looking for alternative solutions. This lead to 7 years of study in alternative healing modalities. She wanted to heal herself so that she could lead the way for her girls. A way that was authentic. That allowed her own internal truth to surface and her soul to be remembered. A way that finally grounded her into the body and allowed her to express her emotions as they arose. Plant medicine, sound healing, breath work and emotional release therapy all have helped her to fully incarnate into the life she is living now.


She feels privileged to be part of peoples healing journeys. She particularly loves to watch the feminine force rise. She longs for the earth to come back into balance and hopes to be of service to the mother we all stand upon.


Her mission is to experientially know the Self so that she can be a creative instrument of love, truth, beauty and freedom.


  • 2017-2018 Ayurvedic Clinical Foundations Program studied with Deanna Bartoff

  • 2018 Ayurvedic Yoga teacher training with Tirza Dawn

  • 2019 School of Intention Training with Dana Claudat

  • 2019 Center for Spiritual Living Practitioner 1

  • 2021-2023 Center of Light Sound Healing Training I, II & III with Zacchiah Blackburn

  • 2021-2022 Aluna Healing Center Entheoguide Training

  • 2023 Aluna Healing Center Entheobreath Training

  • 2021-2023 Mt Shasta Goddess Temple Mandala Priestess with Yeshe Matthews

  • 2023 Emotional Release Therapy School with Pat Jackman

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