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Shea as Chef:

I have loved food since as far back as I can remember. Even as a child, I developed a sophisticated palate and a sense of what I intuitively knew was healthy. Gravitating towards whole, organic, fresh foods I paid a lot of attention to what I liked and why. I taught myself how to cook by studying how others created the dishes I loved (starting with my mother), by being friends with good cooks and professional chefs and by constantly playing in the kitchen, cooking ridiculously extravagant meals sometimes just for myself and inviting friends and roommates for dinner parties. I believe that food is medicine, that  giving your body the best, most nutritious foods you can, gives you superpowers. What better way to thank your body for all that it does for you than to fuel it with premium ingredients? My menus feature whole, organic, gluten free, vegan fare that not only feel good, but burst with flavor and texture. Always a foodie first, taste will never be sacrificed in my kitchen!  



Shea as a massage therapist:


Shea’s work can best be described as integrative and intuitive. Oftentimes she finds her hands having minds of their own--focusing on just the right spot or going somewhere neither she or her client knew was hurting. Drawing from a wide range of therapies: Swedish, Thai, Crosslink Adhesion Release, Trigger Point, Acupressure, and Barefoot Bodywork; Shea has many tools in her tool box, and awaits each session to discover which ones her client’s body and spirit ask to be employed


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