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Private Breath Sessions

Creating Self Awareness


How to prepare for a private session:

  • bring an intention and an open mind

  • come with a fairly empty stomach

  • wear comfortable clothes

Duration: 2 hours 

Offering: $150-pp

How does a private breath session look like?

Before you start your session with us we will talk about your intention and what you would like to integrate or transform in your life. During your breath work session you will lie comfortably on a mattress. Under our guidance, in a safe and sacred setting, you will pass through three phases:


The first phase is called the 'physical phase' in which your breathing pattern, a result of frozen emotions and traumas, is undone on DNA level. Your transformation has already begun.

The second phase is called the 'mental-emotional phase'. We support your process by pushing certain pressure points (points in the body) to release stuck/blocked energy. By also using positive affirmations throughout this phase your healing process is greatly increased.​

The third phase is called the 'spiritual phase'. In this phase you will gain deeper access to yourself and connect with your higher self.  This is the moment where integration is taking place. This deep meditative trance like state will leave you in absolute bliss.

If you like there is time to share your experience with us afterwards. Please make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day. It is probably a good idea to give yourself some hours of quiet time after the session. A walk in nature will support the integration process lovingly.

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