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Group Breath Session

Collective Healing

Aluna Group Breath Work sessions

What is a group breath work session?

How do I sign up for a group breath work session?

What are the benefits of a group breath work session?

What are the three phases of a transformational breath work session?

Why is a group breath work session so powerful?

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@Estrella Collective

 in Santa Cruz

Please check our event calendar

for dates

  • welcome circle and setting of intention

  • 45 minute yoga flow

  • 1 hour breath work in sacred space

  • vegan snacks 

  • sharing and integration circle

$122- pp

How to prepare for a group session:

  • bring your water bottle

  • bring an intention and an open mind

  • come with a fairly empty stomach

Duration: 3-4 hours

Facilitators: Shannon Theiss Jenkins, Felicia Miranda

How does a group breath work session look like?

Before you start your session with us we will talk about your intention and what you would like to integrate or transform in your life. During your breath work session you will lie comfortably on a mattress. Under our guidance, in a safe and sacred setting, you will pass through three phases. At the end of the session (the actual breath session lasts 1hr) everyone will have time to share their experience. It is a good idea to have nothing scheduled afterwards to properly integrate the experience. 


What is the benefit of a group session?


The group setting allows to amplify your healing. Its energy facilitates deep transformational change and healing. Your own healing translates into the collective and has a ripple effect. 


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