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Level 1

During this ‘hands on’ training to ENTHEOBREATH® facilitator, we will dive into the science and art of our sacred medicine: THE BREATH.  You will be led through the essential techniques, modalities and practices.

ENTHEOBREATH® encompasses a unique breathing technique that effects all four levels of ones being - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. This breathing technique is a natural emotional release tool for blockages, limitations, fears, trauma, anxiety and depression gaining greater self-awareness, love, and compassion into daily life, along with improving relationships, generating greater mental clarity, purpose, and direction in life.


Studies have shown breath-work can help reduce symptoms associated with anxiety, depression insomnia, PTSD, and ADD. Breath-work is one of the quickest ways to change our state of being at any moment. Adopting the breath-work practices connects us with our innate wisdom and brings greater awareness to ourself, our life and the decisions we make which leads to overall well-being and happiness

February 12-16, 2024

Private room: $2,950.- pp

Communal room (women only): $2,550.- pp

Shared double room: $2,750.- pp

this includes:

  • tuition for the training

  • your stay in a private single/double or communal room (with shared bathroom)

  • delicious organic, vegan meals 

  • a whole lot of love  

In this training you will learn how to:


  • How to facilitate a breath session

  • About the anatomy & physiology of breathing 

  • Recognize and identify breathing patterns and explore their meaning

  • Identify a connected and activated breath

  • Apply pressure points in the different body areas

  • Implement emotional release tools and techniques

  • Apply healing affirmations

  • Apply chakra psychology to the body

  • Approach special conditions like asthma, pregnancy, obesity

  • Hold space for yourself and the other

You will receive and facilitate daily breath sessions to implement the learned material

At the end of level 1 you will conduct a self breathing session


After level 1 you will be asked to guide and log  

  • 25  one-on-one sessions 

  • 1 case studies (with a min of 3 sessions)

Additionally you will receive homework

We will offer individual supervision/mentor zoom calls in between Level 1 and 2 for any questions arising

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