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Level 2

During Level 2 we will deepen your skills in the breath work techniques learned in Level 2. Additionally we will embark on creating a safe space for individual treatments for the client’s healing and transformation by focusing on the in-take (before the session), process (during the session)  and integration (after the session). You will be given tools and guidance in listening, leading, executing and coaching a session with a client. The completion of this three level training will give you the overall platform to offer 1-on-1 sessions to develop your own practice.

June 24-28th, 2024


Private room: $2,950.- pp

Communal room (women only): $2,550.- pp

Shared double room: $2,750.- pp

this includes:

  • tuition for the retreat/training

  • your stay in a private single/double or communal room (with shared bathroom)

  • delicious organic, vegan meals 

  • a whole lot of love  

Requirement for joining Level 2 is that you have completed Level 1 

In this level you will learn how to


  • Deepen your facilitation skills

  • ​Create a safe container for your client

  • Present and introduce Entheobreath to your client

  • Conduct an intake and integration talk with a client

  • Formulate a meaningful intention for a session

  • Learn and apply new coaching models

  • Continuous understanding, revealing and transforming of limiting beliefs


You will receive and facilitate daily breath sessions to implement the learned material.

At the end of level 2 you will host and facilitate a one-on-one session with a new client.

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