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My name is Earth

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

I am 70% water. I am carbon, hydrogen, calcium and phosphorus. I invite air into my lungs that is breathed by the trees and the plants and the animals who share this planet. My mind, my brain and my consciousness may elevate me from other beings who inhabit this earth but we are not separate. We share a need for the elements, we share the sunlight. I am one with this robust and diverse universe. And I have the will and opportunity to honor my physical human experience in a way that is organic, intentional and living to my highest potential. So I turn to the healing of the plants, the sacred medicine of the natural world, the wisdom of the universal truth. This is my path. This is my work.

As a student of Yoga, higher consciousness and healing breath work, I have discovered the comfort of oneness. My friends and my enemies, myself and the trees, the insects and plants and the rush of water in the river. A myriad of wise and wonderful teachers have opened doorways and windows to the truth that our human experience is mirrored by the natural world, and through this knowing, I have become available to its wisdom. Through higher consciousness meditation, I see and trust that all things are born and grow and thrive and eventually deteriorate and return to the earth, a circle that in itself is pure perfection. This is our mirror. Like the changing of the seasons, I too experience shifts in climate, in pattern and space. And like all things on this earth I am impermanent, as is the discomfort I feel, the fear that traps me, the joy I am gifted, the experiences I encounter.

During this lifetime, I choose to seek the wisdom of the natural world. I choose the healing of plant medicine, the organic remedies of flower and fruit, of vegetable and mineral. I am after all, made of the very same elements. My education as a student of wellness and nutrition, of spirituality and higher consciousness, makes no truth more obvious than my body and my mind deserving and craving the nurture and guidance of plant medicine. There is so much to learn. And surrounding me are organic matter and wise spirits that hold these truths. It is my job to ask and to listen. My body is my temple. My mind is a beautiful, mysterious exploration and I choose to honor this lifetime with the search for truth. I will sit with my breath and befriend it. I will take into my body the plants of this earth and heal myself and the world. After all, I am like the air, eternally present and touching everything. I am Earth.

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