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Hi! My name is Carlie, and I am honored to be the voice behind the writing, a contributor of knowledge and passion, a bringer of the light. I came to be here, blogging, sharing pieces of my collected experience by the pure magic of following my heart. In fact, I followed my heart from India, through great expanses of Southeast Asia, up along the coast line of Central America, over the pond and through the loving arms of many great friends to land in Portugal. I followed the call of my soul to a rural sanctuary, a home and a sacred space in search of contemplation and nurture. I came to deepen my knowledge of self. I came seeking the wisdom of Ayahuasca.

But first I’ll back up to the beginning. I was born in Massachusetts to a Swiss father, a French English mother, the first of three girls and from the very beginning, a citizen of the world. Gifted with unwavering energetic support of family and a strong sense of security in my solidarity, I’ve spent much of my life pursuing the creation of art, spirit and traveling the world. I am a devout student of self study, health and wellness, Ayahuasca, the sacred feminine, plant medicine and Yoga. This has become my work, my calling and my ultimate love. The practice and study of yoga was my gateway to connecting with my body and mind, to the power of intention and the pursuit of a higher consciousness. From there I became interested in healing the body through food. I began farming and studying nutrition. This lead to creating healthy meals for individuals and large scale events, eventually teaching classes while cooking for groups on Yoga retreats in beautiful places around the world. I love what I do and I am so blessed to live in harmony with the endeavors that support my life.

What fuels my work? What inspires my sense of being alive? I am ravenously curious about the world and its people. About differences in culture and experience, about families and preference, the who, how and why. Discovering people, their stories and motivations, their fears and misgivings, is some of the greatest exploring I’ve done. Thus connecting with individuals through teaching and sharing food is an enormous pride of my job.

Yoga instills in me the tenet that my body is my temple. With this truth in my heart, I chose for myself and teach to others, nourishment and practices that honor what is best for the body, mind and soul. I pray to mother earth and the sky above, to the great spirit that lies within all beings. I believe in infinite, omnipresent, universal love and know it is the healing of the world. My faith lies in connectedness with all beings, one unifying, eternal, divine love.

It was to be that I connect with Alexandra and Attila, two magical souls who embody compassion and service. This I know and trust. From wandering vast expanses of the globe on my own, studying, reading, immersing myself in cultural exchange, in conversations of the spirit and heart, I’ve sought partnership and community that knows there is truth to be spread, love to be shared. I feel called by the spirit of the earth, I feel called by knowledge. This right now is the beginning in the flow of time that has no start or end. I am here, open hearted, ready to do the work, to be of service, to lead with love, to honor the light.


We thank Carlie for sharing her passion of writing with us. It is our great honor to post her visions of life every week! With love & gratitude ALUNA

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