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Seeking peace amidst the chaos?

Perhaps you should change your point of view and place...

Without meaning to, we become the products of our physical circumstances. A fish in a small tank will not grow large while his spawn who live in wide open oceans become mighty and robust. A monk secluded to a silent monastery in the mountains has stillness and peace in his reality while the businessman in Tokyo whose schedule demands constant effort is burdened and ill, depleted and overwhelmed.

So many of us feel like we’re part of a rat race. A constant work, rest, play, work circuit that leaves little space for stillness, for true quiet that isn’t an hour of television when the kids go to bed. When we are surrounded by frantic energy, loud noises, time crunches, traffic and fast paced environments, it is near insane to think that our inner landscape could be any different.

And therein lies our struggle.

Can we be the peaceful yogi, the centered meditator, the intentional, spiritually driven parent, partner and individual amidst our daily lives? How do we escape the chaos and reset within our deepest center? How can we renew intentions and discover the tools to return to the madness with peace and tranquility at our foundation?

The answer could be very simple. Attainable and at your fingertips. Have you considered changing your place? That the physical space in which you inhabit may itself be hindering your ability to look outside yourself, to expand your perspective and even your very breath by giving it the space to grow.

Retreat from you busy life style

The truth is, we cannot escape our reality. But we most certainly alter it by first taking a break from it. Unparalleled growth can come from a good old fashioned rest and renew. Committing to your physical and mental wellbeing in the form of a healing retreat can offer both the place and the support to rediscover what’s truly important. Breath, meditation, gentle movement and presence of mind. Consider the magic of a dedicated period of time where none of life’s chaotic distractions can take away from your relationship with yourself. Where you are free and encouraged to sleep and eat well, to seek out and marinate in stillness, true silence and the gifts of fresh air, gentle winds and healing sunshine. A space and time where you prioritize learning the tools of breath work and higher consciousness meditation. Life long practices that have the power to transform your inner climate from that of frantic chaos to one of sustained ease and comfort. It is the best and most rewarding work we can do in this lifetime.

So often we struggle is to see what is truly important. We have been tricked into believing that money and luxury trump the simplicity of presence and breath. What a cruel trick we’ve been played. Made to believe that we owe everyone around us something but to ourselves, nothing. It can be incredibly challenging to prioritize our own needs over others. We feel we are acting selfishly, even greedily. And yet when we do make time for us, we not only heal ourselves but are poised to do so for those we love. From a well that is depleted, there is nothing to give. Yet from the bounty of a heart that is full, we can give selflessly and exist as a rock amidst a tumultuous sea.

Pack a bag. Find a house sitter and a long weekend and change your place. Seek out a healing space where you are gifted the nurturing container to do this work. After all, it is the most rewarding effort you can put forth. Healing and loving yourself. That is true peace.

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