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Inner Child
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Integrative Inner Child Retreat

The Magical Child ~ Our Essence

The Inner Child is a powerful presence. It dwells at the core of our being. Imagine a healthy, happy young child with great enthusiasm for live, constantly exploring tsp environment. It expresses its feelings openly, when it is angry it screams, when it is happy it smiles and laughs from deep down inside. This child is highly sensitive and instinctual, it knows who to trust and who not to trust. This child loves to play and discover. From this playfulness comes in inexhaustible well of creativity and aliveness. Do you recognize yourself in this child ? 

The Wounded Child

Maybe you recognize yourself in one of these sentences?

  • I have trouble trusting people, in fact I often don’t feel safe

  • I live from the conviction that something is wrong with me

  • I take things very personal

  • I can’t express myself emotionally, I do not say what I really feel

  • I feel emotionally numb

  • I feel very dependent on my partner or parents

  • I have difficulty setting boundaries

  • I long for approval/acknowledgment from my parents, friends, partner and/or surrounding.

  • I often make decisions to please others

  • I have trouble being creative


With growing older, those very qualities that gave our inner child its aliveness - curiosity, spontaneity, ability to feel - are forced into hiding for various reasons. If one or more of the above sentences resonate with you, you know for a fact that your inner child is in need of healing. 

The 3 day workshop that we are offering is carefully designed to reconnect with your innate aliveness which can be hidden beneath childhood traumas, cultural convictions, education and the limiting beliefs of your parents. 

By experiencing the wounded and contracted parts in you and through reconnecting to your unmet childhood needs for love, safety, trust, respect and guidance you will unleash your aliveness along with it. 

Through drawing, writing, creative play, self inquiries and bodywork we will find the voice of the child who lives in you and that is your essence. You will discover its needs and wishes. You will learn how to be a loving parent for your inner child. 

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